Saturday, September 15, 2012

A relaxing Saturday

        Good Morning and welcome!  Finally it is Saturday.  It really seemed like this week would never end.   But, now I have the time this morning to sit here in my undies with a very large cup of coffee and take the time to read all my favorite blogs.  Oh and of course post some nice underwear guy photos for you.  I have made  no plans for this weekend.  I think mostly I will spend part of today relaxing on the beach reading my new book.  I am reading The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.  It is so good.
it is the retelling of the Iliad  through the eyes of the young boy Patroclus, who was the best friend an bed mate of Achilles.     I can't remember the last time I recommended a book to you all, but this one is really worth a read. 
       Later in the day I think I might just call someone.... not sure who yet..... and see if they might need to have their ass pounded.  Da Dick O'Mine told me he needed to get inside someone.  Hmmmm...I wonder does your Dick talk to you?  Really, I am serious!  My buddy william once told me that he sometimes has a long conversation with his Dick. I've never gone quite that far. But I sure understand what he means.
      Before I post today's Underwear guy photos... i need to once again thank you for stopping by and leaving comments and emails.  Oh, next time you talk to your Dick.... tell him Queer Heaven said hello!

  Today's Dick Of Da Day I have taken from one of my favorite blogs Bad Ass Boys.  Go check him out and let him know that Queer Heaven sent you!



  1. Talking to my dick? I guess I do. Often he wants to get me in trouble.

  2. Enjoy your weekend my friend!!! XOXO MAC

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  4. Ton blog est vraiment bon, je le découvre maintenant !

  5. My dick wants to have a long conversation with the dick of the guy who is the first posting here today.....a very very long conversation!

  6. I just LOVE it that we have so much in common. Being naked, jerking off, lying on the beach, drinking coffee, Broadway shows, and reading.


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