Sunday, September 16, 2012

A great cum and a strong cup of coffee!

        Well hello there!  Good morning!  I see that you are not even dressed yet.  Of course I can't see all of you, but in my mind I imagine you in your undies or totally naked.  This is mostly from reading other blogs and a new report I read somewhere the other day.  It said that most guys, unless they are at work, sit at their computer mostly naked and hard.  And you all know me by now and know that unless I am at work I am in my undies or naked.   And since quite a few of my regular readers had sent in photos of yourselves for that Reader post awhile ago.... I know what you look like!   
       This morning was very weird already...... I woke up with an extremely rock hard Dick...... Also I had an extremely bad headache..... I knew the headache was due to my lack of caffeine ...... so when I realized that I forgot to by coffee yesterday when I went shopping.... all I could say was "OH SHIT"...
so I stuffed that Boner in a pair of shorts and biked around the corner to my local bodega.  Have you ever tried biking with a full fledged hard?  I'll tell ain't easy!!!   
      I got home.....made a pot of super strong black coffee.... sat on my terrace and proceeded to jerk on Da Dick O'Mine.   As I was getting close,  could feel the Caffeine taking effect and the headache was going away.   Now I feel fine..... a great cum and a strong cup of coffee.... perfection!

      Ok guys.... here are you photos for today.  there is totally no theme, just super great sexy photos!

   Have a wonderful sex filled Sunday my friends!  And remember to take the time to send me a comment and remember to send comments to your favorite blogs.   As bloggers... it is so nice to hear from any and all of you!


  1. Really great photos today. The dick of the day... what a monster! :-)

  2. I have never biked with a boner but I have woke up and realized that i was out of coffee...not a good way to start the morning!! Glad that you headache is better! huggles


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