Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Morning Guys

        Good morning to all of you!   Thanks for stopping by.   Are you all ready for another week?  Even though I would rather just sit here and sip on coffee all day..... I gotta go to work.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I ended up keeping mine very quiet.  I spent time on the beach reading. I went for a nice long bike ride and the in the evening I chilled by the TV and caught up on a few shows.
And if you can imagine it..... except for jerking of a couple of times...I had no sex this weekend.  
I really have nothing else to say right now....  so I'll just post a few photos for you!

5:30 PM..... a guy just came in my store and wanted to suck me off under my desk!! OYE!


  1. Relaxing weekends are the best!!!

  2. Hummmmm --- All the guys in the photos are very very limp this morning....maybe you did more over the weekend and had more fun than you recall!!!! :-) :-) Or maybe they had more fun than you did...and with someone else!!!!

  3. glad you had a good weekend mine was quiet as well a little shopping and lots of rest. hope you have a fabulous Monday.


  4. Mmm I love the tattooed guys in this post and especially the dick of the day. I had fun this weekend, got my butt eaten out by a horny bear who swallowed my load. Fun times!


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