Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twos for Tuesday

         Good morning to you all!    I sure hope you week started off good.   Mine was typical day at work. I wasted 3 whole hours with a possible new client.  We had this long detailed consultation for her wedding.  Which might come to nothing.  I am sure most of you would think that being in the Flower and Event business would be such fun.  Well, most of the time it is.... but then there are potential clients like yesterday's.   Really, I thought I was on an episode of Bridezilla!  When she finally left the office.... all I could do was bring out the vodka!  My head designer, was lying on the floor laughing his head off.  I am not sure if I am even going to send this fuckin' women a proposal.   You would think, after all the many years that I have been doing this,  I would not let this type of client get to me.  Will I ever learn?
          Enough of that..... I am just going to post the photos for today and hope that the client I am meeting today is a sweet, lovely person..... yeah right!


  1. Always great to see couples enjoying each other!
    My all time favorite is still the picture I see at every log in and that is the beautiful young man at the top sitting in the Lotus position.

    Have a wonderful day, Y'all!

  2. aw to hear she was should a headache not sure i could handle clients like that I'd be to tempted to tell them off. hope today goes better and great set of photos

  3. Once again a great set of photos. Love the last one!

  4. From my past experience in a similar business, there is nothing worse than a bride......unless it is the bride's mother. They all want a million dollar look with an expense of only cents!!! I can picture the head designer there!!!

    And as for the photos today, any of them would be a great catch at the altar...or at least at the bed room!!! MMMM delicious for sure...

  5. Two is better than one, but why stop @ 2? The more the merrier I say.


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