Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Butts & Balls for Wednesday

          Good morning you wonderful friends!   Shit..I just can't believe how many emails I have been getting asking me all about that BBQ party on Monday!  Ok, I will admit it right here at this time ..... yes, I was a total and complete sex whore on that day.  This ole Queer really got it on.  My legs spent a good amount of time in the air and over my head. Da Dick O'Mine was in some very wet places.  There was a beautiful and tasty ass in my face part of the time.  I watched three guys totally fucking each other.  What was very interesting and very surprising was that except for Aldo and one other guy...... everyone was my age or older.   Who was it that said older Queers get no sex?  That is total bullshit! We get as much as we want to.   If you are an older guy and complain you just do not get to have sex much any more..... you need to just put yourself out there.... stop complaining and lube up your ass or grease up your Dick and go looking for it.

Oh............. I forgot to mention that the food was amazing also!


  1. I agree. At 40 I still get lots of attention, and if I don't have a lot of sex it's not for lack of availability.

  2. well sounds like you got quite a workout at this barque but seems an enjoyable one. hoping you are having a great day and not working to hard. xoxo

    PS yummy picture of you

  3. After all of that, I think I probably would've forgotten about the food too!


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