Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello Monday!

       Good morning and Happy Monday!  I sure hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to start another week.  I found it very interesting that the past couple of posts about having sex with someone else's boyfriend or husband got so much feed back.  I wish I could post all the emails I got.. but truly what amazed me was that the vast majority of emails and comments agreed with me.  So... the next question is why do men cheat?  I will leave that to the professionals.   Personally, I think that guys just like to have sex as often as possible and what Da Dick says... we listen and do.  Anyway... to those of you who say you have been with your partner for years and years and never was cheated on... you must be doing something that other guys are not doing and keeping your partner's Dick happy.  
     Enough of that for now.... I am running late this morning and need to get my ass to work soon.... I have sexy "pretty guy" photos for you today.  I know they are all on the younger side... but damn they just got me wet and figured why not let you all enjoy them also.  Till tomorrow...cheers!



  1. What a great way to begin the week...all these pretty boys......and is that some cum spilling down from your coffee cup!!!???? or just the cable for the camera...whatever, a nice touch!!!

  2. You are 100% correct: The overwhelming need to get our rocks off and spread our seed far and wide is buried in our DNA. Yes, there are species that mate for life - but Man is not one of them; it is not the natural order for homosapien. It is organized religion which planted the seed of jealousy, took Man, and began to force him to stay with a single partner.

    Love today's young hotties!

  3. I can be as shallow as the next gay guy, those photos today are mighty fine cute guys. Oh and yes, I have cheated before.

  4. every one has an opinion about everything don't they. here is hoping you have a wonderful week. XOXO


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