Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do most guys Cheat?

          Good morning and hello!   If this is your first time here, welcome to my world.  One thing for you to know..... it is important for you to drop your pants while you are here. That is a house rule, both here on the blog and also in my home. Sure, you can leave your undies on if you wish that is your choice.  Ok.. to you regulars.... wow... I sure got some emails about yesterday's post!  Mostly they were positive, but a couple thought that I was being a total slut by letting that partnered guy fuck me. And the reasons varied...but mostly it was because he had a husband.   I totally disagree with them.  It is not my problem that he needs to look elsewhere for some extra sex once in awhile. And I am willing to oblige!
If there is a problem, that is with him and his other. I am all for committed relationships for those who want them. But listen....... I am not dumb, I know full well that most guys cheat at some point.  My buddies and I had a big conversation about this awhile ago.  It is somehow in the male gene. Not just the Gay gene.... All men cheat.... or at least if they had the chance to, they would.     So, I will fuck or be fucked by whoever I damn well please!
        Sorry about that...I just needed to get that off my chest.  Today I'm spending the day with a couple  at their place..they are the couple that hosted the last big pool party and have been together for 15 yrs. And if you must know one of them had asked me if I would mind him having some sex with Aldo.  So I explained that he was not my boyfriend, but my favorite fuck buddy at the moment. And what he does and who he does it with is up to him.   But I know Aldo... he will do it.

     Ok, my friends..... here are some photos for the Sunday.... my wish for you today would be to go have sex with someone other than your regular partner.  ( I guess I will get emails about that wish_


  1. Hey Guy....Are any of these available to meet as per your instructions? If so, I would enjoy some time with the first or second in the ones following your posting...that is if I can choose....but any will do!!! Thanks for the posting and your comments...I agree!!!

  2. Agree painfully with your comments. I was in a 12 year committed relationship and I was completely true to my mate... however I did not get that same respect. Since the breakup in 2008 I have not had sex with other than my best buddy -RH- I'm sure you can figure out who he is.

    Great post and I would very much like to spend a weekend with any of these guys.

  3. Unfortunately most men do cheat and it's a fact that a lot of people want to sweep under the rug and ignore. I usually prefer playing with partnered guys who are in open relationship so I don't have to feel like a sleaze, but men lie all the time. No sex planned for today, but yesterday I got to suck on a very nice, thick cock and munch on a tasty furry butt. Have a great Sunday friend!

  4. Good post.! Guys do not talk about it much, buy you are so right. Men cheat often. My boyfriend and I tried to be monogamous the first two years we were together. then I cheated, then he cheated. Now it does not matter, because he knows he is the one I always come home to.

  5. As i said yesterday it is not my place to judge I'm all about people doing what's right for themselves and not what others tell them to do. Plus besides in the end he will have to answer for his own choices not me. that all being said i'm happy you had a good weekend and that all is well and must say a gorgeous set of photos to view today had me a little warm under the collar must bookmark this post for the next time i'm home alone. Have a great evening sweetie XOXO


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