Saturday, October 6, 2012

Da Dick did it Business

              Good morning!  I hope you all slept well and woke up to a beautiful day ahead.  I was sleeping great  curled up with that guys Dick hard all night.  yeah, he stays hard all night. Never seems to get soft. I was on my side and that Dick of his was nestled between my butt cheeks.  I could see the morning sun beginning to spill in my window and could feel that Dick sliding closer to my hole. It started to inch inside slowly.  "Dat Dick has got to wait"  nah, let me just fuck you raw.  "nope" I reached over and slipped a rapper on Dat Dick.  "Now... go ahead and fuck away"    Dat Dick did his business..... then rapper off and my bottom is covered in cum which he licks up and spits it on Da DickO'Mine and sucks till I pop.  He proceeded to enjoy licking up all my load... then up and dressed and back home to his husband.     
             Hey, do not pass judgement on me please.  I was not the one cheating.... he was!

Last night I was cleaning up folders in my computer and decided to post a few of my all time favorite photos for you this morning. 


  1. Kudos for u for insisting on a condom. And as for the cheating thing, if he didn't do it with you he'd do it with someone else.

  2. sounds like you had a fun night and it is definitely not my place to judge besides you both are adults. either way hope your weekend is a great one..XOXO


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