Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Post

         Good morning!   Well, here we are again.  Me sitting here drinking my morning coffee and you most likely either in the buff or in your undies. As i write these posts, I really do like to imagine what you all happen to be doing as you read through and the check out the photos that I pick out.  My wish is that whatever you are doing when you first enter here... you end up at least with a twitch in your Dick.  I try to change up the type of guy photos... I know we all do not have the same taste in guys.  But one thing I have found out is.... even though this blog was originally about guys in their underwear.... when I post lots of Dicks, I get more comments and Emails. I guess I should not be surprised, We all really, really like a nice Dick.  Today I got some thin young guys for you to look at....
If you are like me your Dick will do more than just twitch......!

      Before I go and have my second morning jerk off...... I want to welcome all the new followers!


  1. A wonderful "dripping" start to my Friday. Gorgeous!!

  2. Once again you 'deliver nice of lots packages"...Better than UPS or FEDX!!!

  3. Hey swetie sorry i've been MIA things around here got a little sticky with the family so i had to go under ground for a few but I'm good now and glad to be back reading and commenting. Hope you have a great weekend wow nice set f photos today XOXO


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