Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just Dicks today

             Good morning and a hardy welcome to all you new readers!    Thank you so much for coming back again.   I am overwhelmed at the amount of page views I have been getting.  Yesterday alone there was overtwo thousand.  My goodness..I never thought that so many of you would continue to check in so often.  
             I have a very busy day today..lots to do at work.  But at least I can look forward to the fact that the boss is returning finally!  That means that I will be able to take a few days off next week.  Which turns out great because I really need it.  I have already planned a full day at the Turkish Baths and I there is a guy I met at one of those pool parties who wants to, as he said, "get to know your Dick better".  I am all for that!  I am a sucker for someone who is totally upfront with why they want to get together. It just does not make sense to me to beat around the bush.  "let's meet for coffee"  Bullshit!  Just tell me you want to fuck.  
          I am just rambling here ... sorry.... let me go ahead and post these Dick photos for you and get my morning Jerk finished.... Have a wonderful day.


  1. One hello of the morning to do good.

  2. What a nice bunch of Dicks today!

  3. I completely agree about guys that are straight up to the point. On Monday I got messaged by one and since he was so straightforward I ended up going to his place and he got to enjoy my lips around his dick and my tongue on his nice hole. :-)

  4. ...and what beautiful dicks they are!

  5. 1 big, 2 big.....10 big dicks today, and all are certainly wonderful dicks!!


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