Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Butts & Balls Outdoors

           Good morning guys!  Thanks for stopping by.   I've got some real good pics for you all today.  Well at least they made me hard.  I mean.... really, why post photos if they are not gonna get Da Dick twitching?  This is a blog about being sexual and sexually active.  One question I often get in emails is how is it that I get to have so much sex.  
       Dear friends, listen.... you can not expect some random Dick to just walk up to your door and ask for sex.  You must put yourself out there.  You say.. I'm too fat.... or I'm too old... or I'm not good looking enough... or blah, blah, blah!    That is bullshit! A total cop-out!    No matter what you look like, or how old you may be... there is always someone who is into your type.  
          I know that working on your journey through this lifetime is the main goal of being here.  But, to deny yourself great sex is not doing yourself any favor.  In fact no having good sex will hinder your success of being a total human.  We were born with these sexual urges... so get yourself out there and start fucking and sucking and enjoying yourself.  Even if the only course of action is for you to buy a rentboi for the evening.  DO IT!


  1. Oh, how right you are! The dick was put there for pleasure as well as procreation. Get out there - there's a guy somewhere who's feeling the same thing you are and who would LOVE to get hold of your cock and have you grab his. All you have to do is venture out...


  3. Couldn't agree with ya more! I've known a few fools who haven't been laid in years which might explain why they're such miserable bitches.


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