Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Will your friend suck you off?

       Good morning all of you wonderful people!   I hope you are either hard right now or just finished a nice long and pleasurable jerk off.  Or better yet had a friend jerk or suck you off.  What better thing can a friend do for you than to help you cum.  Even if you two are not really "fuck buddies", you will find out who your real friend is when he takes you Dick in his hands or mouth. Young  Str8 guys do it all the time and do not think it is anything Queer...it is just fun.  Now if your friend asks if he can fuck you.... well that is a whole other ball game.  I wonder how you all feel about that.     Can a friend, just be a friend if he makes you cum?   Let me know what you think.



  1. Well, of course, a friend who helps you get off can still be just a friend. Isn't that what friends do? Help each other out when they need it? Great post, Michael! And the fact that young str8 dudes are learning that stroking a buddy off is perfectly fine!

  2. Good question. I have a str8 friend who enjoys sucking me off.
    Is he gay or bi, I don't think so. he just like to help me out sometimes.


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