Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let me know what you think.

              Good morning and welcome once again!   I can't think of a better way to start this morning than that new photo of Quinn above.  I am getting so obsessed with this guy.  His photos are all over the internet. He is cute, sexy and totally fucking hot!  I keep looking for a porn clip with him...but I have not found any as yet.   I did see part of a solo where he jerks off... but can't seem to remember where I saw it.  So.... my dear sweet horny porn lovin friends... if any of you knows the link... please share it! 
             I also want to let you all know how thrilled that you keep coming back here. And to any new readers... glad you decided to join the group.  I am never sure how accurate the pageview counter is..but Monday I had 1,642 views! Is that possible?  I can just imagine all those thousand guys rubbing on their Dicks while the look through the blogs. And just imagine the amount of cum that must be spilling each morning!  I certainly hope that what I post here at least gets you hard. 
             Here are the photos I have chosen for today....enjoy them and remember to let me know what you think.  Or what you might like me to post about.


  1. Love the last pic (before Da dick of the day) It is very moody yet erotic. And he looks to have a nice "average" sized dick. I like that on a man....well...that and a nice willing ass :)

  2. What do I think? I think that your choice of photos rock! And that guy in photo #4 is just what I need.

  3. I love Quinn! His Dick is beautiful!

  4. Quinn is nice - - Is that him in #4??? Whether yes or no, send that dude over now!

  5. Si je ne me trompe pas de bonhomme, c'est ici !


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