Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pleasuring myself.

           Good morning!   Well, here we are another Sunday. Another day with nothing special to do. I really like these kinds of days.  No hard plans, no scheduled appointments, no one I HAVE to see or talk to if  I choose not to. I don't need to rush out the door to get to work on time.  I often think it would be so nice to be able to live this way each day.... but not being a wealthy guy.... and way to old to find a sugar daddy.... like most of you, I need to go to a paying job each day. 
         I always relish my Sunday's. So this morning after my morning meditation, I sat on the terrace and sipped on a very large coffee and just enjoyed the morning breeze on my balls.   I brought my balls inside and clicked on a porn site and let Da Dick O'Mine get hard and happy.  I noticed Mr. Dildo sitting all alone over in the corner.... I got him all lubed up and in he went. Such pleasure!  I felt like it would be nice to leave him inside me all day.  But Da dick O'Mine had other ideas.... He wanted to pop.... "not yet" I told him. "hold off just a little longer" So I rode Mr. Dildo until I could take it no more and let loose and made a nice sticky mess. 
        So that was my morning so far.   The rest of the day?  Not sure yet... but Mr. Dildo might want another go at my ass later.  How did you start your morning?   You guys are usually real good at leaving comments.... so let all of us know how your day started. And how ever you choose to spend the rest of the day.... enjoy a few good cums along the way.


  1. First thing this mornig I sucked on my BF's dick then jerked off. while he fucked me. I like Sunday's also!

  2. my morning was made up of pancakes and cartoons

  3. Nothing too special today. A few wamks and a movie. OH! I would like to suggest a movie if i could to everyone. (some may have seen it) it is called "Bankok Love Story" it is on youtube with English Subtitles. A very powerful and moving movie. And the 2 main actors are just friggin HOT!!

  4. Slept a bit late and then to a pre-Thanksgiving Dinner with friends---great fellowship and great food....stuffed, I then relaxed the remainder of the day.....

  5. Well, mine started with my morning hard-on leading me outside for a good long piss. Then I grabbed my coffee for a relaxing smoke on the patio... Crossword puzzles... Saving the dick play for tonight.


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