Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A short post ...

            Good afternoon buddies!!  Did you miss me this morning with your morning jack off?  Well.. I needed to be at a client's house this morning at 7AM to do a walk thru for an up coming party. And so therefore not only did I not have time to do my post...I did not have time for MY morning wank!  I really feel a little odd not cumming yet today!  But.I am at work now and can't j/o here... I thought I would at least post a couple of photos for you today.  I do try to do some sort of post ever day.  I can't wait to get home strip naked and blow a good load!  


  1. Repeat...I thought I posted this yesterday, but it does not show up on the site....

    A short post, but one with many l o n g dicks! Especially the ones in the photo at the head of the article.....Good!!!!

  2. omg! that cum dripping puckered asshole looks sooooo hot! i'd love some ass to mouth with that cock and than suck that shit out of that beautiful puckered asshole;0.....

  3. i just love hairy cocks and assholes(also even more with cum all over them;0.....)

  4. Excellent set of images, QH! First one is amazing, as noted in the comment above!


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