Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Buddies!!!

            Good morning!   Well how are you today?  Are you hard & horny or soft and satisfied?  This morning I was gonna just give you al little update on my "buddies".  There seems to be some changes afoot.  
            It seems Aldo and Max have broken up once again and Aldo is leaving town!   Max's brother Marc finally told his parents that both he and his brother are gay...And were told never to show there faces at their house!!  How sad! How sad!  ( I wonder what else those parents would say  if they knew that those brothers fuck each other all the time.
         Randy...dear sweet lovable Randy!  He never seems to have any problems at all.  He just drifts through his life with a constant smile on his face.  His buddy, that cute chubby guy, is having the time of his life running from bar to bar sexing with anything that moves!  And he was so super shy when I first met him.
        William's Twink has decided to go back to college.  But not here, he is going to study in Boston. So I am sure William will find a new live in Twink...he always does.  And the Italian Dick?  He is so busy now as an escort.... I have not seen him since that time we fucked a few weeks ago.
        And of course Waiter Guy.... I think I will have to change his name here...he has been promoted to front of house manager at the restaurant.  I think he deserves a few doses of my cum as congratulations!  
       See you all tomorrow morning! Cheers!


  1. two gay brothers? did they make sex together? I know a couple of brothers making sex together. For me it's fine!!!!

    thanks for your comment here:

  2. How awful for Max and Marc! They have my utmost respect and my sincere sympathy. I hope that one day their parents will "come around."

    Congrats to William's twink. He's a smart kid.

    Waiter Guy indeed needs a celebration! Perhaps with both you and Italian Stud!

  3. It breaks my heart of hear their parents rejected them. My son's gay. So what. I don't love him any less. I hope they eventually see the error of their ways.

  4. It is so hard to believe that parents would act that way.

  5. And so, life moves on like water in a stream, sometimes smooth and placid, and sometimes over the rocky shoals. But, it is still the same water, and the same life...I share with you the joys of some and the sadness of others.

  6. Nice collection of pics. I've been busy with fuck buddies as well. You can never have enough.

  7. i'd love da dick of da days cock up my asshole than atm him right before he cums;0.....-he's beautiful!


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