Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekend plans

           Good morning and welcome!  Let me first say thanks to those of you who have left comments and are not bloggers.  I love my readers opinions and comments!  But there are a few new ones that I have no way of reaching. So here and now, I send you a sloppy wet kiss!
          So what is up this weekend?  Fuckin shit if iI know!   No real plans so far.  Although going to the Turkish Baths sounds like a good Idea at some point.  Randy and his Chubby friend mentioned they were going on Saturday afternoon.  Maybe I will meet them there.  Yeah, a good steam and rubdown is sounding better & better.  They also do a colon cleansing procedure there, sort of a major washing of your insides.  It is not really fun, but I think I could use it.  So...I guess I have made some plans!  But if my insides are gonna be totally clean.... I think I might also need a real good hard long lasting Fuck to go along with it.  
      So let me see.... which one of my buddies has the best Dick for the job?  Marc!  Yep Marc!  His Dick is a fat one with a large beautiful head that hurts so good when he first starts to push it in.  
      I hope you are making some good sexing plans for the weekend! 


  1. Have a great time (though, the colon cleanse doesn't sound like fun at all). Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I would say enjoy the weekend but we all know that weekend enjoys you :-)

  3. i'd love to give the opening photo a colon cleaning with my mouth-love the hairy asshole ;0....

  4. me can't wait for my sunGay orgia!!!


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