Saturday, August 9, 2014

Marc's Lovely Dick up my bum today.

             Good morning and welcome to Saturday!  Ah Saturday.... a day when there are so many possibilities.   An my Saturday will be spent at the Turkish Baths.   Sometimes I go there for just a good steam for an hour or so.  But today I think I am gonna spend the entire day there. Besides all the great regular Steamroom SPA stuff..they have a wonderful pool outside and a cool tea room.  
            Like I mentioned the other day I have scheduled myself for a colonic cleansing at 1PM.... it usually take about an hour or so.  I've made plans with Marc to meet me in one of the hot coal rooms around 2:30.  The plans are for him to be waiting with his lovely Dick totally rock hard when I walk in and with no words spoken, I am supposed to just go over to him, drop my towel and sit on that lovely Dick.  What if someone walks in on us,you ask?  Who cares, I plan on just bouncing up and down till he is ready to cum then slide off and take his Dick in my mouth and drink up all his cum.


  1. Hi !!! Have a nice week-end dear friend !! Gillou

  2. I wish you a dick & cum licious experience!

    Happy sunGAY with my last post:

  3. Wonder if any of the really hung studs in your photo selections might be at the baths today as well? If so, you are in for a memorable day for sure!!!

  4. Turkish baths in miami? Really?


    Let us know how it goes please :)

  5. Scott said...

    Holy F--k, I wish they had those kind of "Baths" where I live. I hit the gym everyday, and I have had my share of luck in the sauna, and corners of the locker room, but it has to be very discreet and fast.

    Thanks for the great pics.


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