Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Sermon.... The sex I do is sex with other men.

               Good morning dear friends!  As always, thanks for dropping by.  And allowing me to share some thoughts with you.  And what am I think agout this morning.  Well I would be lying if I did not say SEX!  Sometimes I sort of wish that my brain was not so fixated on Sex. Of course there are many, many others things in my life besides just making Da Dick O'Mine happy.  But really...and I do openly admit it..Sex is the most important.  I know that some of you might find this rather shallow.  But who whould I be with out Sex? Who would any of us be with out SEX.  And because the Sex I do is Sex with other totally defines who I am.
             As I have said here many times before..... I am so overwhelming thankful, that I am a Gay Man in this lifetime.  The joys of man sex are so boundless in their rapture.  So utterly fulfilling and soul healing. 
           If you are down about something.... Stick a Dick in your mouth and you will feel better.
If your life at the moment is rather shitty.....take that Dick of yours and shove it up a buddies ass and I assure you things will look sweeter.  Or even if you are feeling a little depressed a good long jerk off session with a friend or two will help bring you back to life.  
         Remember...we are gay men..we are not here to Fuck and make babies... We are here to make each other happy and to share our deep man feelings with each other. No to mention sharing our cum! 


  1. Your conclusion is truly inspirational!

  2. Scott said...

    Amen, when I'm feeling down, a cock in my mouth, or me jerking a dude's thick cock, then taking his nut juice, always, always makes me feel sunny side "up"

    Thanks for the great pics!!

  3. I can share and subscribe every word of this post!!! Me too love the conclusion, because I love cum, swallow it and see my cum swallowed! And also for me, if sex is not at the first place of my life, for sure it's not at the second place! Mer too I thank God/Nature to have created me gay, that mean:
    1) sured blowjobs
    2) no marriage
    3) surely no children
    4) having sex with men who place sex at first place as I do

    What luck! how much lucky I'm!

    Definitively your best post!

    Enjoy such a man

    Happy new week!

  4. theres enough hairy asshole on 1 and 6 for me to service ;0....

  5. Your thoughts on this is bang on! Wish more men think this way! We are the highest level of our spiritual life and wish we act like it.


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