Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Da Butt

                       Good morning my dear sweet readers!  Thank you so much for dropping by this morning!  And thanks to all of you who commented and left me emails about my Dr. appointment.  I just gotta wait and see what the outcome will be. I surly am not gonna get all nervous and worry.  What good would that do? Totally nothing.  So instead I figure I will let my brain rest on sweeter things.  And other than a large piece of Chocolate Cake what is sweeter than a lovely slightly furry ass hole?  One you can play with, one that you can lick, one that you can finger, one that you can slide your Dick into.
                   As yes...!  I love me some Ass!  A good Ass sitting on my face in the morning. A firm Ass to squeeze and finger.  A round tight Ass that just begs to be Fucked.  An Ass that knows what it wants and how to use it properly.  And if I am to be really honest..... a Str8 guys Ass!  Often these are the best to play with. A large majority of women dislike giving head and even fewer would ever even think of touching their man's hole. So sometimes it is up to us Gay men to be of service to these poor Str8 guys!  
                So... whoever you are..... go out this week and enjoy some guy's ass. 


  1. Well, that's something I've never been into...don't know why. I've had a few guys rim me and it felt like...nothing. Only one guy tried to fuck me and it felt like...a baseball bat was trying to worm its way into me. I'm the oddest bisexual I've ever met! LOL.

  2. 26 hot, firm, rounded, and mainly smooth asses here on the post...and all of them seem to be enjoying their exploration and fun just like you direct us to do in the post.....wonder if they read the post before posing for the photos... I know a young horny ass is a good ass and an older more mature ass is even better with the experience of youthful inhibitions. ..

  3. I have a fetish for a nice, firm, yet round booty. It can be hairy or smooth. I like em to jiggle when they walk...I love booty!!!!

  4. i would love a firm body with a hairy dirty hole that i could service for a long while, getting it wet and loose to fuck the shit out of him

  5. I'm not into ass, even if I was told I've a nice butt! But I'm only top, and the only thing able to make me horny when I fuck, is seeing my partner enjoying my dick job! But Even being rimmed is so nice!

    Enjoy my last post:

  6. I love ass! Looking at it, rimming it, fucking it, getting mine fucked and rimmed. It's all good!

  7. Scott said...

    Oh, you so right about STR8 Ass, I love it too. I suck many a STR8 cock, and if somehow you can get a tongue in their "pucker" THEY will be back for more, Why? Exactly the reason you said, they are lucky if their wives or gf give head, never mind putting their tongues where the sun doesn't shine.


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