Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Twos for Tuesday

                 Good morning!  As usual, I am sitting here in my undies, a nice large cup of coffee by my side. Da Dick O'Mine is quietly soft and resting.  He woke me up at 4AM in need of a major cum.  Of course I obliged.  I fell back asleep with out even cleaning up.  Now my pubic hair is a little stuck together..I will take care of that when I shower. And I have the time...I have a meeting off site with a new client at 11AM..so I can lounge here for a bit more.
                Well..I went to my Dr. yesterday as I mentioned.  He really looked me over!  Really good. He has one concern... I have an enlarged prostate.  So, in a week or two he has some test for me to go through. Then he will decide what to do.  But he was very pleased...and so was I... at the amount of cum this old guy was able to produce for him.  So off to the lab it went.  
                I know I have said this before.... but I will say it again... If you or your Dr. are not comfortable talking about all the sexual things.... then you need to find a Dr. who is. You should be able to tell him or ask him anything.  Even stupid questions, like why does my cum seem creamy sometimes and not so much others.  Anyway, you get the picture......
             Ok..off now to shower and wash up that dried cum.... hmmmm...maybe I will do one more jerk off before leaving.


  1. Well, I shall hope they find nothing untoward in the cum specimen...

    You young readers here - take note: Our dear blogger friend here speaks the absolute truth! Your doctor should be comfortable and honest in talking about sexual performance of your genitals. If he (or she) isn't - go find another doctor.

  2. I was diagnosed with BPH January this year. I had heard horror stories. I thought my rock hard days were over. Happy to say I was wrong. I take Alfuzosin 10 mg and Finasteride 5 mg. I'm as hard as ever. Only change is ejaculate is greatly reduced and only slightly viscous. My first follow-up is in October. Please, men, see your doctor for regular checkups. Don't wait for something to go wrong.

  3. the pic on the top is so sweet. Aden & Jordan Aric! What a pity they're no more together!

  4. Scott said...

    Just getting to look at the Two for Tuesday's pics, and they are GREAT. I love the two butts on the bed. What a contrast between smooth and hairy, "butt" I love them both equally, and would tongue both their "puckers" with pure delight.



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