Thursday, July 17, 2014 of the great joys of life.

                    Good morning dear readers!  I hope you have started you day with a wonderful Morning Boner! And if you did, I am sure to took it to hand and let it make you feel good and cum.  Ok... I know this will be an understatement... but I LOVE TO CUM!  
                 I do not have a preference as to when and how or with who or alone.  There is nothing I can think of that is as wonderful as those few split seconds right before you release the sperm goodness. And the feeling that seemingly comes from your toes to your balls as you are shooting.  And then the final moment as those last drops are dripping out and your entire body is in spasms of joy.  And lets not forget how thrilling it is to shoot that load deep into your buddy's mouth as he looks you in the eye.  Or when you pull out of a beautiful ass, slip off the condom and you splat your juice  on his chest.   
            No matter how old I get or how many thousands of times I have cum...I am always in aw of how amazing it feels.  
       Go ahead, browse the photos today and do you self a major favor and cum a couple of times.


  1. AMEN! What a wonderful joy indeed! It never gets old. Super hot pix inspiring my bone. Thanks, bud! Wishing you a hard and jizzfilled day. Cheers, AOM

  2. There is no other sensation like it. It's unique and awesome and our cocks are always craving the next time.

  3. Scott said

    After I crank out a good nut, I say to myself, ahhhh, that will do me for another day. That's BS, if I see something I like, "he's" ready to be a bad boy within minutes:):) It seems like he never sleeps..LMAO, but true

  4. i'd tell da dick of da day"i'll take that off your hands ' ;0...


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