Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dinner with Great Friends!

        Good morning!  I often can not believe how many readers I have on my little blog!  It always is amazing to me.  But I am so glad that you decided to drop your pants and join me this morning.  
         Last night was really nice.  Like I mentioned was Waiter Guy's Birthday. Randy, Marc & I took him out to dinner to celebrate.  We went to this really upscale restaurant and did it up good.  For one thing, we all were "dressed up" I mean long pants, no flip-flops or anything beachy! This is a high class place.  We were there for almost 4 hours, eating, drinking and just plain having fun. I was a little schocked when the bill came to the table.  $685.00!!!!!   But really, how often do you have Grilled Octupus & Fried Brussel Sprouts for a starter?  Or a sublime Ragu of Chicken Livers & Prosciutto over Creamy Polenta? It all was worth every penny spent.
       I love it when we all get together in a non sexual setting.  We enjoy each other's company so much. We are really more than just a group of Fuck Buddies... we are truly a close knit family.  
      Sure, we know each others favorite sexual positions and what each Dick tastes like.  We all know that when Randy is going to finally cum, he always yells "holy fuck"! We know that Waiter Guy likes to have his nipples bitten. We know that Marc's Dick stays totally hard for a long time after Fucking.
    We are open and honest with each other about most everything. Ah... I am so lucky and grateful to have such great friends! 


  1. You cannot replace friends like that. They are TRUE friends.

  2. It is indeed real friends! I was wondering if you are not sometimes jalous between each of you? I guess not but I'm wondering how you do to have this possible! It is great.

  3. There's nothing better than splurging on a good meal with good friends.

  4. Friends such as you have on line here are good.
    Friends that you can see in person are even better.
    But Great Friends such as you are fortunate to have had dinner with are the greatest kind!! They will be your friend, and you will be theirs no matter what circumstances may arise.

  5. Scott said.

    Nice, sounds like your all really great friends and all had a great time. You don't mind spending the money if it was great food and great company, good for you guys

    Also thanks for the great pics, and I'm loving that cock (da cock of da day:):):)


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