Friday, July 11, 2014

Firday Confessional

             Good morning guys!  I know it is always a cliche to say TGIF...... but damn I really mean it this week!  Work has really been a bitch and so have 2 new clients of mine.   I have a feeling that I am going to tell one overly rude and obnoxious  woman, that we will NOT be doing her wedding.  I have learned, sometimes it is just not worth the aggravation .    
              This morning I have decided to do a short Friday Confessional post.  It will give some of the many new readers an better look at me.
          1. I  do not in any way think that any Dick should stay soft all day long.
          2. I often will wear a pair of undies that still have some dried cum on them.
          3. When I really am horny... any Dick will matter whose.
          4. I am totally obsessed with Bacon.
          5. I tend to drink too much Vodka.
          6. If you tell me you want some sexing, you better mean Flip Fucking.
          7. I can't stand people that make excuses.
          8. I got mad at a boss of mine years ago and after he was gone I pissed on his office floor.
          9. I could eat Ass all day long sometimes.
        10. I forget how old I am when looking for some random Dick.
        11. I make no bones about the fact that I have absolutely no regrets about some of the less than  saintly sexual things I did in my youth.... or for that matter.....anything at all!


  1. Amen! Love the honesty! Thanks for sharing the confessional. Thanks also for the most inspiring pix that now has da dick of mine standing at attension begging for some action. Have a beautiful weekend, bud. Cheers, AOM

  2. No reason to regret things...all that does is suck up energy better spent on something positive. Have a great weekend! (And if telling the obnoxious bitch to go elsewhere makes life easier, do it - as long as you don't get fired! LOL)

  3. "I make no bones " you are a poetic genius with your choice of words here!!!

  4. you sound pretty normal with me ;)-that guy and his beautiful cock in the shot with him in his gym shoes and against wall ,makes my dick hard ;0


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