Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sautrday, there ought to be Dicks..... Send in the Dicks!

             Good morning my friends!   Well, here you are again...I am so glad to know you are reading this post and hopefully you are doing what you shoud be doing.  That is rubbing on That Dick Of Yours.  And that at some point today you will let him have some real fun.
             If you have been reading these posts for awhile, then you know tha Da Dick O'Mine and I  often have chats. (he usually tells me what to do)  But this morning for some reason he has been quite silent...except for letting me know he needed a very long piss before he was willing to cum.   I did the piss and had a delightful morning cum.
           But now, I am getting messages from another part of my body. My Butt Hole is restless and wants a Dick or Two pushed inside.   I am feeling that it wants a really fat one. One that will really hurt. One that would make me scream a little.  So I am running thru my mind thinking about the Dicks that are hanging on my Buddies.  They each are quite nice in their own way, but none of them are the size that would cause me a little pain.  And for some reason I want some pain today.
       So off I go today, searching.... I am heading to the beach for a start.  I've got my sunscreen, my Lube and a hand full of condoms at the ready. I also put an ad on craigslist. I might have to allow more than one Dick inside, until I find the hurtful one.  Wish me luck!


  1. Send some of those dicks my way! Hope all is well, my friend!

    XO FFB

  2. Hope you get lots of dicks inside you, and even the one that hurts!

  3. good luck!

    just to let you know

    happy sunGAY

  4. Now have all of us wanting to know. At what girth would it hurt enough to be what you want?

  5. i'd love to have some of these dicks in all my holes ;0


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