Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Sermon......My encounter with 2 Buddhist Buddies.

           What would you like me to do with you?   Fuck me silly!   I want your Dick deep inside me. I want your balls to pound my cheeks.  I want to scream. I want to be in pain. I want to be rammed with you and him at the same time.
           You want my friend to join us?  Hell yes! I've done had your Dick before and I've had his at another time.  I want both of your Dicks at once. I need to feel my hole streached to the limit. 
            You fucked with him before?   Yeah, a couple of times a long while ago at one of those sex retreats. His Dick is long and thin and he really knows how to top. Yours has a wonderful mushroom head and was always a good fit.  
           It's a date...see you at place.  My Ass will be clean and ready and there on time.

         So..... yep we met and after sitting an having a thanking meditation and a little chanting... One Dick slid in and the other took it's place and pushed in also.  Let me tell you all something, if you have never tried this... you should bit the bullet and try.  It is such a weird sensation.  Both Dicks were pumping at a different rhythm .  One would slip out and push back in, the other one, the thin one,  was long enough that it kept hitting my happy prostate.  Or was it the other one?  The sensation was so amazing! The feeling was so...well...almost religious.  Really!  
     Here we were ...three guys,sharing one of the most intimate games of life.... Fucking for Fun, Fucking for just the shear joy of it. Fucking and Fucking and Fucking!
     And then.... we counted 1...2...3... they each pulled out and all three of us came at the same  sublime moment!
     I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine!  Ha!  


  1. Well now....this is something to read and imagine...but read and imagine only I am sure!!!

  2. have you three suceeded to come together? so great!

  3. Not had the opportunity to try. Beautiful images! Wishing you a great day, bud. Cheers, AOM

  4. Thanks for sharing that most remarkable experience so vividly.


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