Monday, July 14, 2014

Mish-Mosh Monday

                  Good morning guys!   Whoa! What a weekend!  My poor Bum Hole is still really soar.  Having those two Dicks fucking me was fun and rather amazing.... but I do not think I will ever do that again!                             At least it was a beautiful Sunday here and I spent most of it on the beach and cooling my Butt in the ocean!  Waiter Guy met me on the beach and he was all horney and wanted to get down  and dirty. But I passed.  I told him all about the 2 Dicks... he was impressed. But my telling him only got him hornier. (is that a word?)  He decided to text Randy and I gather they hooked up later in the afternoon.    


  1. i had great sunday also watching 2 middle age guys making love together behind pool pump house! i seen them with wives and kids at pool- one plain but hot body and the other beautiful treasure trail to a great midsection.left on my bike down trail(behind pump house) and seen them going at it -i (quietly)pulled in brush and watched them suck and slowly fuck each other one at a time until each blew their loads ! HOT! all while wives are watching their kids at pool ;)))) wish i was close enough to use my phone!

  2. by the way da dick of day has a great cock and beautiful set of nuts ;0.... love the boy getting head in the truck and the hairy asshole sticking up and out while he's fucking ;0....... thanks for a great start to a week(hope it can get better ;0........

  3. I had a great Sunday. Spent it with my lover and enjoyed my Sunday. Glad you had a fun filled weekend

  4. #1 the cumshot slashed on his chest to the neck is priceless


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