Monday, August 18, 2014

Sex is just Sex sometimes.

        I wonder what would happen if........ 
 If what?  
 You know!    
What is you talking about?
Teddy, that is what I am talking about. 
 Who the fuck is Teddy?  
The guy who.... well, how do I say this.....told me about your fucking his husband.
  Well, whoever I Fuck is none of your business, and second if this Teddy is upset, that is between him and his husband.  Nothing to do with me!  
So you fuck whoever you want to?
Listen, if a guy wants it and I want it, of course!
That seems quite selfish. 
Come on..Sex is just Sex sometimes..nothing more.


  1. Well put. I guess with society hang ups it's passed on to the person who wants control over their other half. If there is sex, the world ends, please! Sex is like sports, fun! I did not give away my heart.

  2. Unfortunately, some people never learn that lesson...they equate sex with love and the two are fathoms apart.

  3. sex can be only sex, but sometimes it's so much more: and i'm not meaning love! but a pleasure touching heaven!


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