Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Twos for Tuesday

                Good morning dear readers!  What happens when you meet a new guy and you realize that there is a possibility that he might make a great sex partner?   Do you ask him out for a coffe date? Do you ask him to a movie? Do you just wait and hope he calls you?  Or..do you just get right to it and let him know you are interested in tasting his Dick?  
                Lets say you have a sex buddy who tells you he had just licked the best ass ever.... Do you get this ass's name and give it a try? Or do you get your friend to introduce you?  
               You get a phone call from a friend who tells you he is lonely and a little depressed. Do you offer to cheer him up or do you offer to Suck hin off?  
                A coworker is down in the dumps because his wife just left him... Do you offer him your Ass hole, to make him feel better? 
                The way I see things..If you said yes to some of the above questions..then you are a real friend!   There is nothing more friendly than sharing your man parts for his pleasure.  


  1. I'd have to say I'm a real friend, then. :-)

  2. So, now I know what friends are for!

  3. "Friendship. friendship just a perfect friendship" or so the old song goes


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