Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Sermon......A morning Afirmation.

             Good morning!  Ah Sunday!  For some reason I  really love Sundays.  Sunday is a day that is usually so relaxing.  I just returned from a little bike ride to the beach where I sat and did a wonderful Morning Practice.  Today's Practice was all about being thankful and how wonderful I am.
            You  do not need to be a Buddhist to do a Morning Practice of some sort.  All you need to do is to find a comfortable quiet spot. Prepare yourself by either putting on loose fitting clothes or better yet stay naked. Remember to turn you phone off.  Next you need to sit down and make sure your spine is erect, so the energy can flow easily. Let your mind go blank for a moment or two.... this is not a meditation,but an affirmation. An affirmation to yourself.  Begin by talking to yourself and listening to what you have to say about yourself. Now.. one by one begin to say what you are thankful for. Tell yourself how much you love yourself. Tell yourself how special you are.  Be specific. Tell yourself how glad that you are you.  Remind yourself how much pleasure you body gives you. 
         At some point you need to remind yourself how important that Dick of yours is to your well being. Celebrate it's size, it's shape.... and how it makes you feel on a daily basis.  It is very possible that by are totally relaxed and your Dick is hard.and happy.. that is fine.. that is good...!
        If you want to finish by jerking off... do so by not thinking about another person..Jerk off by concentrating only on yourself and how it feels as you rub on your Balls and Dick Head.  Take your not rush this.... slow even motions.... until you can hold it in any longer.  
        The art of Self Love is more than a quick cum.  Take the time to totally enjoy these moments alone.  


  1. How right you are! Think about and concentrate on your own cock and balls, use slow, even strokes and massage motions on your nuts... Let the explosion build and happen without forcing it by stroking like a madman. It's such a wonderful feeling when the balls rise and the cum spews.

  2. as usual you gave us some good advices and some subjects of reflexion!
    I love sunday because I usually go to my cruising bar for orgias! Last Sunday I was on vacation - good thing, but you can('t) imagine how much I've missed my sex!!!


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