Saturday, August 23, 2014

" Shit that felt cool!"

             Good morning my friends!   I can't believe it is 10:30 and I am just doing my morning post!  
But there is a really good reason. A really good sexy reason.   Last night I went to Witer Guy's flat for dinner and sex.  He and his totally beautiful ass fell asleep in my arms on the Sofa. Early,early this morning, he rolled over and whispered in my ear that he wanted Da Dick O'Mine inside his butt hole and for me to leave it there while he went back to sleep.
             I had never done anything like that before.  Da Dick was hard so in he went. I did not pump, he did not move.I just held him tight to my chest.  I layed there deep inside him and could hear him softly breathing.  I was focusing all my being on how wonderful the inside of his Ass felt even as I sort of was getting soft. And I really do not believe it, but I did doze off  still inside him. 
           When I did wake up Da Dick was still inside and now was a full fledged boner.  And I could feel the major need to have my morning piss.  I told him I was pulling out to piss... he turned his head and said to leave it in and let it stream.   To my surprise, that is what I did.  When I finished and pulled out..... Waiter guy ran to the john to empty.  He came back with his bouncing hard dick and said to me " Shit that felt cool!"


  1. Excellent set of images, QH! An elegant and hot series of images...the perfect compliment to your "cool" morning wake-up story!

  2. Love your cool morning...Imma try that. Love the pics

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience!

  4. A butt full of piss feels intimate and warm.

  5. being 100% oral, (and if requested, only top), you can imagine how much I love kisses I can find on your pics!

  6. wow you're a lucky guy ... very lucky .... and I love your post


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