Saturday, August 2, 2014

The best laid plans............

              Good morning and a Happy Saturday to you!  Well...... I was not expecting to be sitting here at home in my undies writing a post this morning!  I thought I would have my tongue in an Butt Hole, or possibly be sitting on his fat Dick while getting Da Dick O'Mine licked on by Waiter Guy.  Or possibly spending the evening Flip Fucking and spewing cum all over!
               But as you can see..... I am home.   WTF?   Late yesterday afternoon...there was a message on my phone at work...."Sorry, something has come up, I can't spend the weekend with you two"
             That was it...nothing more!  I called him back and just got his voice mail. And he did not return my calls the rest of the day.  I called Waiter Guy and he was bummed out.   So.... we planned to just meet ourselves for drinks and dinner....... and.... yep..... we came back to my place and after a few more Vodkas, I enjoyed his newly trimmed Ass and Balls. 
           He is in the other room...spralled out naked on my bed fast a sleep.  I think I will let him sleep awhile longer then surprise him with my fingers in his furry hole.  And have a nice dose of his cum for breakfast!   Sound like a plan.


  1. Its always disappointing when plans you are excited about like a hottie for the weekend change. But as they say on Big Brother, expect the unexpected! I bet you have some awesome fun this weekend!

  2. Scott said...

    Sorry, to hear about that dude, his loss. Seems though you rallied and had a great evening..SWEET, and by now, you probably had your "protein shake"

    Hey even though the plans did not work out, you still gave us some real hot pics.. nice asses, hairy holes, nice cock and balls. Some heavenly fu-king!! That last pic has got me so freaking HARD!!!

    Thank you.

  3. Sounds like the x(?)spouse may still be in the that you were not there to be photo scouped......

  4. could be something;)-but great holes today! i'd love to down behind first and last guys sucking pole and hole ;0....

  5. I hope you realized your marvellous plan!!!


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