Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Sermon.... Worshiping Da Dick!

         Good morning!  Rainy morning here.  And at the moment no plans to do anything at all except to spend the morning with Da Dick O'Mine.  He woke up quite happy. Standing erect and proud.  He should be.... he spent a good portion of yesterday in and out of a favorite place of his.  That furry hole and mouth of the delectable Waiter Guy.  
         Da Dick!  Any such a wonder and marvel.  We worship Da Dick each and every day...or at least we should. And not just because we are Gay Guys.  Even Str8 Guys worship their Dick. 
         I remember as a kid, I bet you do also, a bunch of boys checking each other out to see who was bigger.  Who could piss the farthest or how much cum you could unload. Typical boy stuff.... then one day you realize that it is more than that.  You realize that maybe you want to taste one!  And Bam! You are hooked.  A soft Dick getting harder in your mouth..ah such new pleasure.  And then if you were like me... an older guy shows you what else can be done with Da Dick.  Fucking, Fucking, Fucking!  
     Yep...Da Dick needs to be worshiped and thanked for all the years of pleasure he has given you.  


  1. You reminded me of the time I sucked my best friends dick. We were both high and drunk and I asked him if he wouldn't mind so he pulled it out and I went down on it. He later told me he enjoyed it because hid GF wouldn't do it (suck cock) this gave me the idea that there are a lot of straight and even married guys out there that don't get their cocks sucked., Later on I discovered this was so true.

    1. Stan, you've no idea how true that is. If I could live my life over, more than one man would suck my cock. This is my second marriage. Most women of my generation, I'm 74, seem to think it's a vile and disgusting thing. Oh, then men who wanted my cock when I was young and beautiful. Oh, well.

  2. Wow! You hit it right on the head. Da Dick is my most important friend. And I also remember the first time I sucked on one. I think I was 11 or 12 and have never stopped since.
    And your Dick looks very suckable, no wonder you have a few fuck buddies.

  3. Scott said...

    Oh yes indeed I take very kind to Da Dick. Once I got a "taste" of the meat, I was hooked.:)

    I suck off many a straight married dudes cock. For whatever reason's the wives don't do it, I'll never understand. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, I am more that willing to, to do the "dirty deed"

  4. i need to find where to find these cock suckers? my wife isn't into it much(thats a turn off;( i'd love to do a suck off sunday with all these beautiful cocks on these boys today ;0...

  5. I adore my dick, but what a marvellous gift finding a great dick to worship with my mouth & tongue, till getting his milk!

    enjoy my last post:


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