Friday, September 26, 2014

A weekend of Topping!

               Good morning dear readers!   Well...another weekend is upon us.  And I will tell you Da Dick O'Mine is really ready to play!   He heard me telling Marc about my encounter with that older Cuban Ass in the public rest room.  And what did he do?  Of course he popped to attention at the mention of that random ass hole.   So........ I am guessing he wants me to play top this weekend.  I have no problem wit that at all!   But I am thinking that a young smooth tight Butt Hole will be in order.  A new one, I think.  One that is not part of my regular circle.  Maybe a tourist.  Thats the ticket.  A young skinny guy with a tight pink hole and a set of very low hanging balls.  And I know exactly where to go to look for one.  
           There is a Hostel here that also has a little beer garden in the back.  I'm thinking I will stop there on my way home from work and have a beer during happy hour. I bet I will find a willing young Butt Hole...or even two.     Of course I will let you know if Da DickO'Mine gets what he wants.  And he usually does!   I hope you are planning tolisten to your Dick and make him happy this Friday evening!
         Today's photos have nothing much to do with anything..except I found each and every one rather hot and sexy.


  1. Happuy FriGAY to you too! I wish you and your dick will find a nice pink asshole and a hungry mouth!

  2. Damn, friend.. Somebody is going to call you a dirty old man....a great accolade for sure as I would also enjoy that title....Have fun at the beer garden!!!! Drink some cock is wonderful I am sure....

  3. Oh, that is one beautiful cock in the top pic... Have a good time tonight at the beer garden.

  4. and I would agree - hot and sexy - good luck with the beer garden!!!

  5. Great set of images, hot and sexy, and in elegant b/w.
    1 - love the dick!
    2 - beautiful connected pair!
    3 - what a great image...intense cock and eye!
    7 - great fingering shot...can't imagine why that would appeal to me! LOL!
    11 - awesome cock lick and graphically excellent!


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