Saturday, September 27, 2014

" go ahead Fuck me... real hard please!"

             Good morning guys!  Happy Saturday to you!   Well.... my plans yesterday got all screwed up!   I was looking forward to relaxing with a beer or two at that Hostel Bar and letting Da Dick O'Mine enter a new randome ass hole.   Did not happen!   
           One of our really good long time clients decided at the last minute to have a dinner party for 20 people and she needed table and house flowers.   First off..who in the hell plans a last minute dinner for 20???? the time we got everything done and set up and back to the shop it was almost 9PM.  ( If you are not aware of it...but for some reason people here at the beach tend to have dinner around 10 PM)
            Anyway.....I was totally zonked!   Way too tired to go hunting for a cool tight ass hole. I went home and stripped down, fixed a very large Vodka and turned on the TV.  I fell asleep before I even finished my drink!  
           So I wake up this morning around 3AM curled up on the sofa with Da Dick O'Mine in my hand fully hard and dripping pre cum.  What to do? 
           I slip on some shorts and a tee.... hop on my bike and head around the corner to that neighbor guy's place to see if his lights are on.  As luck would have it there was a light on in his apt.  I buzz his intercom... " Do you want some cum" I asked.... he says nothing but buzzes me in.  I climb up to the third floor..his apt door is slightly open... he is waiting, sitting on his chair.... he has a drink in his hand and his Dick is hanging soft. 
         He smells like he must have just recently had sex. He has only ever sucked me off in the past... but as he get up and moves across the room to get me a glass, I notice that his bare ass looks wet and well.... just used.
           He hands me a drink and starts to suck on my balls.... then out of nowhere he grabs a condom slips it on me and turns around and opens his hole for me.  " go ahead Fuck me... real hard please!"
This was not what I expected at all..but Da Dick O'Mine was sure happy that his Ass Hole felt real good.   He came, I came, I finished my drink and biked home.


  1. love the photos and post this morning. I fucked 2 new guys the other day, I am trying to keep up with you.

  2. Guess he wanted your stick to fuck and not suck....nice....

  3. Great selection of cocks and arses dripping cum!

  4. MMMMM... now that's I delicious midnight snack! XOXO


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