Monday, September 29, 2014


               Good morning!  Welcome to another week.  I'm sitting here as usual with a big cup of coffee, some toast and jam.   Da Dick O'Mine is half hard nestled in my pubes and is almost ready for a morning cum.  But I told him he needs to wait until I write my post for today!   
             Yesterday later afternoon I took him to Randy's place.  Randy's Chubby friend was there also.  Randy had fixed a large Greek Salad and was wearing the cutest thong.  It was tiny! But it held his substantial Dick in place!  Chubby had on a pair of white briefs that were slightly torn. Me? I decided to wear that pair of old Red Calvins that Marc left at my place months ago. 
        (ok.... here is where this close fuck buddy stuff gets a little weird.....Randy knew that I had these undies, he saw them one time at my place.  I told him they were Marc's and I had not ever washed them since Marc left them here. And they still had Marc's scent on them.  So..when Randy invited me over..he requested I wear those undies,   You see... Randy would never admit it out loud, but I have a feeling there is more to how Randy feels about Marc than he lets on.)
       Any way..the afternoon was tons of fun!  Chubby Friend, since he is sort of new to the whole gay thing wanted to try some different sexing with Randy.  I played the instructor and guided him is learning how to be a good top.  Randy played the bottom.   Randy is GREAT  as a bottom!! He knows exactly how to tighten his sphincter at just the right moments.  And how to let loose when he should.
     So I watched them and I helped them and when it was time for Chubby Friend to cum.... he pulled out and let Randy have his cum for dessert!   Yep! We had fun!


  1. I can believe you had a fucking fun!

  2. So now you are a fucking teacher! Oh man, such beautiful guys in today's photos!

  3. See? Good instruction makes a man a better sex partner. Bravo!


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