Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Twos for Tuesday

             Good morning dear sweet readers!  Glad you dropped by this morning.  And as always thanks for the comments and emails!  I almost fell off my chair last night when I went to check on my emails.   There was an email from "Joey" who just found my blog.  He asked me about the photo I posted yesteday of me and Da Dick O'Mine.  He said that "Dick looks rather familiar, I think you fucked me in the past".   Wow! that sort of grabbed me off guard.  He said he visited here a couple of years ago and had a great Fuck from a local guy whose Dick looks just like mine. 
            There is no way I could answer him.   There have been way too many random Fucks over the years.  Then he mentioned where we were supposed to have done the deed and even what I was wearing and that he was 20yrs  old at the time.  HOLY SHIT!   I did remember him!  Amazing....that was about 8 or 9 years ago!   How in the world did he remember what Da Dick O'Mine looked like?
           So..I was wondering...are you able to remember the Dicks you have had over the years? 


  1. Well, I have not had as many Dicks as you have had, but I do remember one from a long time ago. I remember every detail.

  2. I couldn't!!! probably I could remember how taste a cum I swallowed.
    nice pics!

    enjoy my last post:

  3. Yes!! I know every detail of the dick on that special guy....now some of the others are a blur in my memory.

  4. Nope. No way. I might remember the guy - but I'd never remember strictly by the dick.

  5. I do remember the dicks of the guys that were special to me. Still dream of them. Wishing you a delicious day! Cheers, AOM

  6. I do remember one special dick from when I was a teen in junior high.


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