Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Remembering HIM!

            His eyes were grey, his hair dusty blond.  Slight in frame. Large beautiful niples with whisps of hair around them. A totally flat stomach and a belly button so deep.  His pubes were full and rich. His glory was his long thin cut Dick with a perfect mushroom head.  His balls hung low and full.  His  legs were full of muscles that could wrap around you.  And his Ass, sweet and round and firm as a pound cake. His hole...ah his hole!  Pink and tight and hidden in fur.  I entered that hole so often during that Asian year.  We would sit naked by the lake outside the Temple and just  relish in each other's nakedness.   He brought me to a place of Sex and Joy and Inner Peace, I had never known.
Our time together was way too short. Way too intense. Much more than any other before or since. 
My, Beautiful Greg.... he brought me to Buddhism and he brought me Sex and Love like no other before or since.  I toast him on this day..years after he went on his next life's journey.


  1. This writing is definitely from your heart....the place where you find Greg still resides.....thanks for sharing.

  2. you've to say and recognize how much he has brought to your life!

  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Yet, you honor him still in the proper way: remembering him in all his glory and the things he brought into your life.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful tribute.

  5. A Beautiful Tribute. This speaks from the heart

  6. Beautiful thoughts, beautifully expressed....Greg was clearly very special in many ways.


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