Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Rentboi Party

                 Good Morning!    Late start for this Queer!  Sometimes I think maybe  am over doing things.  But it is very hard for me or any guy to turn down a sex party! And as always William way out did himself.   The reason for his party tis time was to introduce us all to his new "guy".  And introduce him he sure did!  William has always had the nack of finding a guy for himself who is not only always georgous but is totally open sexually and enjoys showing off his abilities.
               There were 8 of us pluss 3 Cute Hot Rentbois at the party.  The Party Theme this time was "Chocolate & Toys"  We were greated with Chocolate Martinis by a cute blond wearing only a Chocolate colored Thong.  Willam was overseeing things in a pair of brown gauze pants and no underwear.  But his new boyfriend was no where to be seen.  
              The Bar was filled with al types of Chocolate drinks and the food table was a mass of fresh and fried foods all within the Chocolate theme.  There were bowls of Condoms, A few Dildos of diffeent sizes and Butt Plugs and Cock rings and a few other things to play with. And as a real fun twist the soundtrack to Willy Wonka was playing. 
            After we all were there, William called us to attention and introduce his guy... Joey....!
 Out from the Bedroom walked this 5ft Korean with super hot pecs and bright Blue Hair!  All he had on was a Nipple Ring.  He was Cut and semi hard and had Blue Pubic hair to boot! He was laughing like crazy.   William walked over and raised his glass " To my new Boyfriend...let the sex begin" In just a few of the Rentbois took Joey's Dick in his mouth and sucked away. While another one licked his Ass.
           Well this really got things going for the rest of us.  In no time at all the room was full of Bare Butts and Bouncing Dicks.  It was a real blast of testosterone mixed with Chocolate and Alchol!  What fun!  I even had a Chocolate Dildo shoved up my Butt at one point.  As usual, William was in his glory sort of directing things.  Like telling Randy he should sit on Joey's face. Or that Marc should go a head and let us watch him Fuck his Brother Max.  And while Da Dick O'Mine was in one of the Rentboi's mouths, Willaim had a now extremely hard and comdom covered Joey slide into my waiting Butt.
        Yep! William out did himself once again!  All this just goes to prove that sex with a group friends can be a great party!


  1. Scott said...

    Oompa Loompa, sounds like one heck of a party:) All men, cocks, balls, and butts for everyone:) You lucky bastard., Dat Dick of yours might need a little rest!!

    I love to have the "golden ticket" to all the dudes you posted today, I would suck them all off, and eat their tight little "puckers":)


  2. Great post! Brings back memories of some fun sex parties. I think I need to get to one soon.

  3. Blue Pubic Hair!! I find that hot!

  4. Great story - I can live vicariously through you - never been to a sex party - but now I really want to go to one ... sounds awesome and fun! I also love the pictures you posted - they got me going too!

  5. glad you enjoyed that party!
    you see what are friends for!


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