Monday, September 15, 2014

More about the Party.

              Good morning dear friends!  I hope your weekend was wonderful.  I hope that you got to taste a couple of Dicks or lick on an Ass or two.  Or, if it was your pleasure to sit back and jerk off all weekend.  Whatever you did...I am hoping that it included lots of sticky woody tasting cum.
             I will totally admit here and now that Da Dick O'Mine spent Sunday resting. And my poor Butt Hole!  I do not remember when that Hole had so many Dicks shoved into it all in one evening! 
.........If you happen to be here for the first time, checkout yesterday's post to find out why my Hole is soar!.......
           I did mention ysterday when I was recapping the party that William's new guy Joey has Blue hair and Blue Pubes.  I was sort of surprised that the bright blue pubes were not a turn off.  It might be that his Korean Cut Dick is so perfectly shaped and his extermely low hanging Balls..well...they were so beautiful itwas hard not to just continue to look at them.
          While I was lounging around the apartment yesterday thinking of the party..I realized one of the really enjoyable things about going to one of that you really get to watch how other guys do their sexing. At one point at William's instance, the brothers Marc & Max slid to the center of the room and began to really get into Flip Fucking each other. Everyone mostly stopped what they were doing and watched.  This was probably the hottest thing to watch. They have been sexing with eachother since before they were even legal and really know how to do the deeds.  
        As a grand finish of the evening.... the three Rentbois each took one of the extra large dildos and shoved them up their asses as they danced around the room jerking their Dicks until they each came one at a time on Joey's face.    Yep! Another greatly choreographed party!


  1. Scott said...

    Man, oh man, that was one hot party:) Glad your rested "up" dat dick of yours, and your sore "pucker".

    I have been to a couple of sex parties and will keep continuing going? Heck it's a cocksucker's and butt muncher's dream "cum" ture. Personally I don't like to get f--ked (well wish I could but I have one tight pucker), Butt I Love watching, and hearing the grunts:)

    Again thanks and keep us horny bastards informed when you go again:) And as always love the pics:)



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