Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Boners

           Good morning!  I hope you are relaxing in your undies.  I hope you started you morning with a good long jerk off and came very nicely.  If you have not cum as yet... of course you have my permission to drop a load while reading today's post. 
           Lets see... it is only 7AM as I write this.  And Yes, I am sitting here with a lovely morning wood.  I did not rub one out as yet.  I do not know about you...but sometimes allowing Da Dick to stay hard for awhile feels so good!  I had taken him out on the front terrace when I first woke up.... it was till dark so I left my undies inside and just sat there sipping coffee and squeezing my balls. Why does it feel so good to be naked outdoors?   So...I am siting there and then I am thinking..I want to walk around with this hard.... so I get up and walk around the courtyard for just a little.  Not even caring if some neighbor might see me.  Damn, that felt good.
        Well..... this evening is another one of William's Rentboi Parties!  YEAH!   And we get to meet his new live in.  William always sends out invites to his parties.  And this one had a photo of his new guy's ass on the front!   I love the way William does things!  And I can't wait to see what his guy's Dick is like.  Knowing William as well as I do... his guy is probably medium size, cut with low hanging balls.  And the other thing about Wlliam he never has any problem sharing his guys.  Not to mention the Rentbois he hires for thse parties.  One rule at these parties... you must cum at least once or you will not be invited to the next one! 


  1. Scott said...

    Ah man, that sounds like a great party. I would definitely would be invited back. Heck I start to see cocks, balls, butts, hairy chests, ptis, legs, it's just a matter of time before I bust a great nut:)

    Love the boner pics, and I with your buddy, my favorite cock is the "medium thickie". So the handsome young lad in next to the last pic would fit perfectly in my mouth and up my tight "pucker":)


  2. Great post for sure - and I really love the way the blog is set up! you also have some great gifs on the side panel with your Joys of being gay! I only wish I could walk around in my undies or go outside in the nude - I am so jealous of that! Have fun at the party tonight - it sounds like a great time :-)

  3. This Rentboi party just sounds awesome.

    Id be a pig :)


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