Friday, September 12, 2014

Let your Dick out to play.

            Good morning guys!  Welcome once again to Queer Heaven!  This is a world where Sex is King and the power of Da Dick rules!  This is the place to stop a moment and think about your Dick and how he has influenced your now.  And how you are going to let him shape your future.   
            This here lifetime is a rather short one...and hopefully you are making sure that you are taking every advantage of your love of Man Sex.  Every single time you pull Da Dick out and let him have his are reinforcing his power.   Every single time you grab another Dick for any purpose... you are reinforcing YOUR power.  I firmly believe that Sexing of any sort is the life blood of living.  If for whatever reason youare not having sex often.... your life's journey is less than it could be. 
          4 years ago when I started this little blog...... it was mainly just for the fun of it.... but then I realized from emails and comments that it was so important to talk about our continuing need for being open and ture to ourselves about SEX.  And how often it is difficult for us to continue to be sexual as we all get older.  
        I know from your comments and emails that you all enjoy my little stories about Da Dick O'Mine and his buddies.  But the real point of the whole thing is to get out there and do some real sexing yourself.  Come on guys.... you are all men and men love sex.... so, I want all of you to make a pledge to your Dick that you will not keep him under wraps.  Let him out.... get him hard...and let him play with whoever and where ever he wishes.  


  1. my dick knows the best for my life! I believe in him! he's my alter ego!!!

    Happy FriGay and enjoy the wisdom of yin/yang here

    I wish you and orgasmic weekend, as should be mine!

  2. Always attentive to my cock and he love all the attention I can give him. Thanks of all the hot pix and stories. Wishing you a super weekend. Cheers, AOM

  3. Well, you know mine gets out often, gets hard often, and gets played with often - whether it's my wife, or my own hand, or man sex toys, my dick gets a thorough workout. That's the way for him to stay healthy and functioning.


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