Thursday, September 11, 2014

Other Games

                       Good morning!  Well, I've been sitting here in my undies sipping on a very large cup of coffee trying to figure out what to post about.   I was browsing the internet for a photo that might give me an idea. ( As all bloggers know... when you post on a daily basis..sometimes a subject just aludes you)  So... as I am searching the photo above popped up and the moment I saw it..Da Dick O'Mine stood righ tup to attention!   Which at frist seemed a little odd since as you all know I am not that fond of uncut Dicks.... But seeing him pissing.... yep! That is what got me.  
                  I know that pissing is not on everyone's sexual radar...but to be truthful it sure is on mine.  I have always felt an electric surge in my crotch when I see a guy taking a leak. I love to sneak a look when standing at a urinal.  I enjoy holding a guy's Dick while he is urinating.  And yes, the slut that I am even find it super sexy to have a buddy piss on me.  Or better yet...we both wet down each other!
                Lucky for me these water sports happen to be among Randy's favorite things to do.  Once in the past we both spent the evening drinking quite a number of beers while playing cards in our undies on the floor.  Randy needed to take a piss at one point and I told him to go a head and just let it loose on my undies.  Which he did and just as he was emptying his bladder on me...Da Dick O'Mine did the same to him.  We were both soaked! And we were both still pissing.  We sucked each others urine tasting Dicks and both came together.   
              We were laughing like crazy as we washed up the puddles on the floor.


  1. glad you enjoyed. sure piss is not a pleasure of mine! but if piss can enjoy you and some friends of you, what's the problem? enjoy and swallow picc as I swallow cum! It's a matter of tastes!
    important: the beauty on the top of this post is MIKE ROBERTS!
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  2. While I'm not into piss-play, for some reason, seeing a guy piss is a turn-on.


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