Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2s for Tuesday

                  Good morning!  How are you this morning?  I wonder how many of my dear faithful and new readers actually have a Best Buddy or two?  Ya know... a cool friend who will Suck you when you need it. Or will take out his Dick and shove it up your Butt once in awhile.   A friend who tellls you everything and is excited to tell you about his latest adventure.  A guy, who might be married, but needs more sex than his partner is giving.  A Str8 Dude who has a girlfriend who does not like to give head.  A young new Queer who needs some teaching.   Or is he a total closet case you Fuck when his wife is out of town.   Or maybe he is your brother-in-law, or your real brother.  
              Or maybe you happen to be like me... who has a small group of friends who enjoy sexing with each other with no strings attached.  This group thing to me is just the best!  We, each of us, know exactly what each other likes to do sexually.  We, each of us, have our own preferences. We, each of us, have no problem being open and honest about what we like and do not like.  
            I've been out and Fucking a long, long time and have had probably hundreds and hundreds of Dicks, but I gotta say..right now..at this time in my life.... having this group of sex friends is the best.
            So....... I want each of you reading this post to be honest and let us all know how your sex life really is. 


  1. I can say I've got one guy I can truly call a best bud. We can talk about anything, tell each other anything. We've known each other for 30+ years. And, yes, we've jacked off together and sucked one another off. It's always there if we want it or need it - no questions, no strings.

  2. You are lucky - I've had that at different times over my life - but over the past couple years I have not been able to find a person or persons to connect with on this level. I admit to missing the option of having a friend or friends that you can really talk to about everything as well as share those more intimate moments! I am a bit jealous or envious of those that do. I will keep looking for that connection!

  3. At the moment I have 2 "best buddies" We share lots including cum once in awhile.

  4. There are a couple of guys I do the sex thing with once in awhile. They are not in the same league as the one you have.

  5. my sexual life is the most important thing I have, i'm proud of it! and you know my SunGAY afternoon appointment at my gay sex club!!! I can't live and I don't want live without SEX!!!


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