Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dicks, Dicks & More Dicks

             Aldo has left me for good.  
Yeah gone like the wind forever. 
What happened? 
 I don't understand either. 
 I thought you two were doing fine. 
 So did I until he tells me he can no longer allow me to Fuck around with you guys. 
 But he has Fucked each of us in the past.
  I know, but now he only wants to be monogamous with me.  And I know I can't do that.  So I said good by & farewell. 
Does it have anything to do with your brother Marc?  
 I think that is a big part of it.  He can't handle how close we are. 
 What brought this on? 
 I was telling him how much I enjoyed the feel of his Dick when it was inside of me and how it was so different than Marc's.  Well...he really went off on me. I guess I should not have mentioned that while he had my legs in the air and his Dick was pounding my hole.   

    The lesson here my dear readers...... while you are being Fucked..keep your mouth shut about another guy's Dick!!


  1. I shall hope that Aldo changes his mind. After all this time, now he's jealous and wants Max's dick all to himself? He knew going in that Max and Marc have a very strong, intimate relationship. You cannot ask a brother to turn his brother away. Give him a big bear hug for me.

  2. dicks are never enough, or at least so it should be ...


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