Friday, October 3, 2014

Are you ready for the weekend?

              Good morning my friends!   As you can see from the photo above which I just took Da Dick O'Mine is itching to get out and do some dirty stuff this weekend!   You will also notice that my belly has grown a little.  I keep saying I am going to cut back on the Beer and Junk..but when an adorable buddy starts to lick on my belly button and say how much he like my belly..I am guessing that all is good in  this olde Queer's Life!
            You are who you are!  And the sooner you believe that and stop wishing you were someone different.......the better you will feel about yourself and of course the better your sexing will be!  The sexiest guys are not the ones with perfect bodies and large Dicks.  The sexiest guys are the ones that are totally confident in their sexuality.  
           I am not saying this in any way to brag on myself, but I know that I am a good Fucker, a good Bottom, I can give head like the world is ending. And I know that it is my confidence not my looks that make this possible.  
          I guess what I am trying to say to you is so simple.  Be who you are and use what you have learned from your past to get out there and do some major sexing.  This lifetime is way too short to sit in the corner and wish you had a better sex life.  And we all know that a good healthy sexlife is one of the most important parts of who we each are.


  1. Great pictures and some very good thoughts. Sadly- where I live it is all about looks - everyone has to look like skinny models. Though i don't live in a big city , I would say I live in a medium size city to small - I hear many of my gay friends talk about all the gay cliques in our community. Have a great weekend!!!!!

  2. Well spoken and applies to ALL areas of our lives...including SEX of course!!!
    "Be who you are and use what you have learned from your past "

  3. Hop you have a great weekend full of hard wood!

  4. "Be who you are and use what you have learned from your past to get out there and do some major sexing". sure I'm following your suggestion, being a gay man full of gay desire!
    and about weekend, and every sunGAY, you should know all of me!

  5. Words to live by... have a FABULOUS weekend my friend!

  6. There are WAY too many gay men..........Forget that ! There are WAY too many people(straight, gay, Black,White,Asian,Hispanic,out of shape, in shape,Men,women,young and old) who are sitting around doing nothing because they think that they don't have what it takes to get that spouse, job,career,friend or whatever because of age, sex, nationality,color of skin,waistline. There is a LOT of discrimination of people that don't fit into the mold that society and media has dictated to us. And though I enjoy all the beautiful bodies I see in blogs and photograph myself, there is more to a beautiful person than just what everyone has been conditioned to except as beautiful. I have seen some people that I would wonder to my PREJUDICE SELF (because we all have one) How did she snag him, how did he snag her, how did he get that guy? And every time the answer would be the same. Because he or she made the effort to go out and get them. I stopped avoiding certain profiles because I thought he's out of my league and I found in a large potion of those cases is he wasn't. And for those who wouldn't give me the time of day, "SO WHAT !" there is way too much ass to be tripping off one ! Anyway people, have a blessed weekend. Have a good time and be safe in the process. QH enjoy your moment in your undies.
    Ciao for now!

    The Male Casting Couch


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