Saturday, October 4, 2014

Da Dick! Da Delicious Dick!

              Good morning! Good morning! and Good morning!  Thank you so much for dropping by this morning!  Well..... You can tell from the title of today's post that my brain is on Da Dick!  That most glorious part of any man!   I have worshiped Da Dick for as long as I can remember.  And that is a really long time!  
            When I was but a wee Queer, my family used to go to the shore on Sunday's.  I can vividly remember being 6 years old and got to use the men's locker room for the first time with my dad.  I can still see the room..painted green with wooden benches along the walls.  And a large grey cement open shower.   And for the first time I saw real live Dicks that did not belong to me.  Holy Shit, I was shocked at how big they were and how much hair there was around them!  And even at that tender age I just knew I wanted to touch one.  I wanted to see if they would also spout that creamy stuff that mine did.  Well of course nothing happened, except my little member was sort of hard most of the rest of the day.  
       When I was 13 I received my first blow job.  He was a summer camp counselor. And  then he had me  sucked  him also late one night and he came in my mouth.   OMG! I knew right then..this was to be my life!  Sucking Dicks and swollowing cum!   It wasn't until a year or so later that I found out that a school friend's Dick could slide into my butt hole.  And that I could do the same to him.  
     So, you see...I have had a life long love affair with Da Dick!  And truly things have not changed much!   
     I am heading out soon with Waiter Guy to do the Art Gallery afternoon and then to this new Sex Club. I am looking worward to having my share of Dicks today!  Any way I can.


  1. really like your black and white photos all the time! It really adds a style to the blogg!

  2. Scott said...

    Man, you love affair with Da Dick, started very ealry... Hot... Mine just a little later, and I'm with you, though I love many things in life. I think my calling card is to satisfy men, by sucking their cock and taking their "nut" juice..

    I do love cock and balls, and I love rimming a musky hairy man hole:) I love to pleasure men, and if they return it's a bonus. In fact I get off on "taking care" of straight dudes. Serious question, do you think there is anything wrong with that?

    Some really hot cocks on these fine lads... #4 is a beauty:)

    Thank you

  3. so Young you discovered how much pleasure you can find in dickS! a Whole life of fun! thanks GOD!

  4. enjoy male Alpha essence
    happy sunGAY all!


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