Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday morning..

            I rolled over early this morning before the sun was even up.  Curled next to me, smelling like last night's fun, was my buddy Waiter Guy.  His scent was strong and I suppose that mine was also.  I looked at the clock and it was only 6AM.   We had only been asleep for less than an hour,yet I felt totally rested.  How odd!  I reached over and lightly kissed this guy's unshaven cheek.  And reached down and slid my hand on his oh so beautiful ass.  That ass! That wonderful ass! I have fucked it many many times and still find it amazing.  
         Last evening for about 3 hours at that Sex Club we went to..I watched that Ass get pounded 3 times by 3 different Dicks.  I watched as he took one so fat he had tears in his eyes. I watched him from across the room while I was licking on a pair of low hanging balls.  I watched him walk across the club and stick his Dick in at least 6 hungry mouths.  I watched him lick the butt hole of a famous guy as I was letting Da Dick O'Mine get sucked by a very hairy bearded  muscle dude.  I watched him stand up and cum as one guy was Fucking him and the other guy had his balls in his mouth.
       I watched him this morning as he was still asleep in my bed.  How the fucking lucky could I be, to have such a Friend. Someone who enjoys the joy of man sex the same as I do.  Such a gift!  Such Fun! 
     It is almost 9am now as I write this and I hear him moaning in the other room.  I do think he could use a slow sweet Fuck before he showers and gets ready for his work.


  1. Damn! Waiter Guy is one sex pleasure machine for sure!!! Envy? Yes!!!

  2. First off,great photos today. I used to go to a sex club,so I understand how much fun you & waiter guy had.

  3. Great photos. Hmmm Glad you enjoyed Waiter Guy

  4. love your description! so sweet and hard, full of love desider sex and sweetness


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