Monday, October 6, 2014

Sucking & Fucking...such joy!

           He did not wake up until almost 2PM.  He missed his shift at work.  I could have made him get up, but he looked just so peaceful spralled out naked on my bed.  There is just something super beautiful about watching a sexy guy sleeping.  
           "Holy Shit my Butt Hole really hurts" 
 I'm not surprised!  How many Dicks were in there Sat night?  
"I really don't remember" 
I think I counted at least 5 different ones. 
 " I guess I over did it" 
 Well that is the reason to go to a Sex Club! You did have fun,right?  
"yeah it was cool, I have never seen so many naked older guys in one place before" 
A couple were even older than me! 
 "aw... you are not old" 
 Yes I am, I am twice your age almost. 
 "maybe so,but you sure can Fuck like you were still a twink"
 "Come on, slip in bed with me and get your Dick inside me"  


  1. Another glorious post so expressive in words and pictures of the beauty and power of mansex!

  2. JUICY !!!! The words and the photos... JUICY !!!!

  3. Well, it sure sounds like you enjoyed yourself to the absolute fullest. That's what life is about - that what the dick is for!

  4. What hot photos today! I need to find a sex club.

  5. you described more or less what I find every sunGAY afternoon at my sex club! heavens on earth!

    enjoy my last post:

  6. we all see the dick in the first pic is fake, don't we??


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