Tuesday, October 7, 2014

That's what friends are for!

            Good morning dear readers!  As always, thanks for setting aside a little time to drop your pants and read this blog.  Thanks for the comments and the emails. The other day I was telling you about how this Queer got started.  And it got me thinking back and remembering those early encounters. 
            And it made me wonder something. How did you come to the conclusion that you like to have your butt hole licked?   And why does it feel so good?  I can't answer this for you...I just know that for me....  when I was in high school and a fellow cocksucker was giving me head and licking my balls..... then for the frst time he slid his tongue down a little lower and found my young ass hole!  Holy Shit... that was a real eye opener.  I had no clue it would feel so good.  I almost came right then and there. And then when my tounge ventured down to his totally hairless red hole ( remember we were just 12 or so) I was amazed that I was enjoying really enjoying it. And the fact that he was moaning in great pleasure made it even better. 
         Years later, at a school reunion, this guy now married with 3 kids told me he still remembered the time I licked his ass and the fun we had as school friends.  I won't tell you who he is ,because if I did you would most likely know his name.  We do keep in touch by email now and once 3 years ago he was in town here for an event and...... yep I got to lick that ass... now fully hairy and not quite as firm...but still rather tasty!  


  1. I was a good deal older when that first happened to me. I was not expecting it at all - my buddy just lifted up my legs and went for it. It was totally amazing - I know what you mean about nearly cuming from that experience. To be honest - I don't enjoy it with just anybody - there has to be a more special connection for me to do it. But if I a guy wants mine - he can have it!

  2. HA! I had the exact same reaction when my friend decided to lick my hole.

  3. Mhmm nothing like ka good lick to the booty hole

  4. Didn't happen with me until my 30s. A buddy and I were enjoying a tasty 69 when we decided to try it. Once we got started, we must have licked each others ass for an hour or so it felt so good. Have a delicious ass-licking day! : ) Cheers, AOM

  5. "he still remembered the time I licked his ass and the fun we had as school friends." that why women are less good in licking and sucking! how could he have forgotten your job?


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